Sunday, February 19, 2017

Items of Interest: ...Should Never Be Seen

 Yes, it's back. After a little over a year since the last one, Items of Interest returns!

 What - you may be asking - has prompted this comeback? Well, just something I overheard from one of you. Oh, and that this is quick and easy as I have had (and will have) very little time to myselves what with getting The Parents' moved into their new abode, and dealing with The Royal Visit, aka the arrival for the weekend of Indescribable, The Little Witch, and Babyzooky.

 So. On with the show: For those of you who are new to this, or have forgotten what to do since the last Items of Interest post (and the one before that brought us the infamous "nylon netting shower pom pom on a string thingamie"), the rules are as follows:
 Just guess what these particular photos are of and, if you're very lucky, win a prize (yet to be determined)*. And I don't mean the photo up there as that's the logo image (from The Towering Disco Inferno). No. The photo's below (after the jump).

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Moving for the sake of a toilet roll holder

 I haven't been around as much as I'd've liked this past week or two, but I do have a reason: The Parents are on the verge of moving house - the big day being this Monday. 
 Obviously, this means that their selfless, abled-bodied, only son - i.e. me - has been kept busy with various heavy lifting, packing, cleaning, and storage tasks. In fact, I've just returned from The Parents' having loaded Car full of boxes of things that The Mother doesn't want the removal men to lose or break. 
 As I drifted in and out of The Mother's stream of wittering, I caught this little nugget of information: "This will be the first house I've lived in with a [built in] toilet roll holder!" 
I couldn't bear to ask if that was the reason for moving...


 In other news, a couple of days ago, my viewing of Harry Hill's You've Been Framed was rudely interrupted by the phone ringing. After much exasperated sighing, I heaved myself off the sofa and answered the phone to a really-quite-convincing and very youthful Lancashire-accented: "Have you seen my friend? Kimberley?"

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Two sides to every story...

 ... and two sides to my book case.

 I have vague recollections of threatening to show you my bookcase towards the end of last year. I don't know whose blog this threat was left at, but I don't think it was mine?
 Anyway, as a warm-up to another year of reading-
  And because we've got shit-all else to blog about!
 Well. Yes. Um... Here is our bookcase. The upstairs one, not the downstairs one which is a bit higgledy-piggledy, and stuffed with gardening and recipe books.
  Not to mention Inexcuseable's cat books, Elvis collection, and Twilight novels, and her husband's fishing and DIY books.

Embigulatory probing can be effected by clicking...

... and I only had to do a modicum of "weeding"

 As I've shown you mine, will you show us yours?

 Snippets of Mago's have already been released, and Hound's bathroom bookshelf has been seen out and about in public, but there's always room for more!

 UPDATE 12.02.2017 : LẌ's industrial-strength shelves are on display here, and MrPeenee is on a promise...

 UPDATE 23.02.2017 : In fact, just pop to The Very Mistress's for a handy list of all who have taken part (so far)... 

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Not A Real Book On Not A Real Chair

 Mwah hah hah hah haaa! 

 Just when you thought the Book On A Chair meme couldn't be flogged anymore, may I present my latest diabolical twist on Ms Scarlet's original masterpiece:

A Kindle eBook on a chair made of real books

 If you have poor eyesight, or couldn't be bothered to click the pic to embigulate it, the books that make up the chair (plus the eBook) are those that I have read so far this year:

1. The Face of the Unknown (Star Trek: The Original Series), by Christopher L. Bennett (2016)

2. Grinny, by Nicholas Fisk (1973 [this edition 1987])

3. The City and the Stars, by Arthur C. Clarke (1956 [this edition 1978])

4. Not the Royal Wedding, written & edited by Sean Hardie and John Lloyd (1981)

5. The Carpet People, by Terry Pratchett, aged 17 (1971) and 43 (1992)

 That's it for now. We'll be back soon with cake (not CAKE!), Redshirts, and - possibly - Mrs Snatchpenny and her Hindu robot.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

RNLB Lester

 So. Here it is. The third and final set of photos from Sunday's daydrift along the coast from Cromer to West Runton. The subject is the RNLI Cromer Lifeboat RNLB Lester (RNLI 16-07).

This was taken from East Runton. I turned around to look back at Cromer and saw a boat near the pier

I didn't realise until later that it was the Cromer Lifeboat Lester

After I'd taken all those photos of the stripey cliffs at West Runton, I turned back for home and noticed the Lester offshore

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Contorted Drifts, Chalk Rafts, and Pro-Glacial Zones*

* No, I don't know what we're talking about either. We're a witch, not a geologist!
We appropriated those sciencey terms here.

 As promised threatened in the last post, may I present the batch of photographs from Sunday 22nd cataloguing some of the geological features of the Cromer-East Runton cliffs. I'm not going to say much about them as I know next to bog-all about such things, I just think they're unusual. And some of them are quite pretty. 

No, it wasn't cold enough for blocks of ice to wash up - those are chalk boulders

This is the stretch of cliff that I found most fascinating. Get ready for the close-ups!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blue Skies and Beaches

 The sun is out. The sun is out!

 Ten o'clock this morning I left Castlette DeVice is a blaze of winter sunshine. Unlike most daydrifts I undertake, I had already decided where I was going to walk before I left the house castlette: along the beach to West Runton (last walked here - for the first time).
 Now, you might find some of these photos somewhat repetitive in nature, but my incredible indecisiveness kicked in with a vengeance making choosing between them more difficult than a life or death decision.

Leaving Cromer Pier behind me

Landscapes in the black mirror are closer than they appear...

A bijou beach residence for when you want to get away from it all!

Friday, January 20, 2017


Dear "friend" of

Fed up with your government/communist dictator/family/weather/life?

Sick to death of being associated with the useless population of your crummy country?

Being hounded by the masses for voting "incorrectly" in the latest farcical presidential election/EU referendum/parish council by-election/X Factor semi-final/W.I. Chutneys and Pickles Campaign?


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Slow you down

Photographs from a trio of daydrifts.


Cromer beach. More than a bit blustery and nippy

The beginnings of a rainbow

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Friday The 13th

  Hat's proximity alarm bell started to ring.
  Bloody people! You pick a nice cold, dark, blustery evening to go out - in conditions that once seen out of their window, any normal person would have shaken their head at, ignored the dog's plaintive whine for a walk, and sat down with a nice cup of tea in front of a repeat of Downton Abbey - and people turn up to ruin it.
  I looked along the promenade, but couldn't see anyone anywhere. In fact, the prom appeared strangely spacious and desolate, as if there was something missing. Something I couldn't quite put my long, bendy finger on.
  I pursed my lips as Hat clung even more tightly to my head in the rising wind, its proximity bell ringing manically. I resolved myself to either getting Hat's instruction manual out when I got home, or smashing that bell to bits with a lump hamme-

* C R A S H *

"Yaaarrgh!"  I almost jumped out of my skin as an explosion of wood, glass and ghastly Laura Ashley curtains suddenly went off not two feet from my nose (from which I removed a large, blue-painted splinter). Someone tried to drop a house on me! (Again. And again.)

* blingle glingle glingle *

  That bloody bell again!

* S M A S H *

  Another explosion. From a few feet behind me. This time, as well as the wood and glass, I was peppered with cheap plastic cutlery and a damp box of firelighters*.
  Bugger this for a lark, I thought, and ran off down the promenade, clutching Hat to my head, dodging falling beach huts.


Sunday, January 01, 2017

"Did the plan fail, Edward?"*

 * Tulip 'Tubbs' Tattsyrup
(The League of Gentlemen series 1, episode 4 "The Beast of Royston Vasey")

 As you have almost certainly guessed due to the lack of a certain year's review, time has escaped us, and as a consequence, our plan for hosting the 2016 Coven Awards failed.
 And it's all the Host's fault!
 It was! I did my bit. I recapped what we'd done over the past year.
 Yeah, but that was the easy bit. It's only a bloody list of most of our blog posts, after all!
 Be that as it may, I still did it. I can see it languishing in our draft posts under this one. In fact, I'm going to pop back in time by a minute to publish it! If you and your irritating SubConscious weren't such procrastinating lazy arses-
 I'll have you know, I've made quite a lot of the award headers, thank you!
 Yeah! It's your SubC who's the lazy arse. Where are the quarterly post headers, hmm? I mean, how difficult is it to slap together four shitting banners that say 'January, February, March', or 'July, August, September', eh?
 I can't be blamed for that! Witchface has kept me busy with other things...
 Excuses, excuses-
 So what excuse have you got for not preparing and organising all the awards, then? How is everyone supposed to know who the Sexiest Strictly Ginger is? Or, what's our most Coveted Cusp Book Cover? Or, Beaky's Most Embarassing Blunder? Or, our Favourite Frogbot Infested Post? Or, which Sci-Figure has the Coldest, Deadest, Prettiest Eyes?
 And what our Favourite Font is?!?
A Starfleet dinosaur?!?
 Well... Um... There's, uhh...
 I thought so. Nothing. You've got nothing!
 As a matter of fact, I have. Dinosaurs!
 My excuse is dinosaurs. And Star Trek.
 Oh, gods...
 And you couldn't even manage to finish that, either.
 Shut up, you!


Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Year of the Cormorant Coven Awards

Don't go expecting any actual awards - see the following post for details

January : The year began by looking out from the Lighthouse; and due to a complete lack of preparation, we subjected you to some Old Art, then drank Black Shuck Gin to get over it; it was Cold in Cromer; we celebrated LX's birthday; and had a Wednesday Walk to Overstrand.

February : A Weekend of Walks in Trimingham, Northrepps and Frogshall started the month, which was followed by the Be All but not the End All; we showed you the creepy Witch Wringers of Small Hopes Hill; Chrysaor came for tea along with an unwelcome guest; we took a stroll on Overstrand beach; and dreamed of 13 Little Dolls.

March : We shared some books exclusive to the Cusp in Not The 2016 Infomaniac Book Challenge; celebrated Ms Scarlet's birthday; took a trio of Weekend Walkies; and helped to celebrate The Very Mistress MJ's 10th anniversary of blogging with The House of Infomaniac 10th anniversary Tour.

April : Various maps were brought out to illustrate our walks; our musical leanings were brought forth in a meme from Mistress Maddie; a new camera unveiled weekend wildlife; we were almost poked on Smallhopes Hill; and that vile little stinker Beaky returned.

May : Green Men abounded in Norwich cathedral; Beaky almost had my eye out; warmer weather brought forth wild flowers; MirrorMe made a nuisance of himself; there was an incidence of cockchafing; and we ended up on the other side of the hedge.

June : June saw the first of our take on Ms Scarlet's Books on Chairs post; cupcakes vs cockatrice; some garden photos; Apocalypse Oven's more evil twin featured in a short film; and we celebrated Princess's birthday by kissing a frog.

July : Due to busyness and interlopers from France, we only managed one post in July, and that was just a recap of what we'd been up to at the end of June!

August : After seeing off the pesky French, the blog almost became a photo album with five consecutive posts that served as dumping grounds for photos taken in July; we avoided being sucked into the jet intakes of the Red Arrows; plus, there was very almost nudity!

September : September saw weeing cormorants and rubbish Creepycous-cous; Sunday Music; Frogbot-related angst; my 900th post and more photos of the North Norfolk countryside.

October : Amongst yet more photos along the coast were the third Infomaniac Book Challenge (headed up by a wet-trunks clad Jeffrey Hunter); forty things about me; a Star Trek horror novel art challenge; some real books that weren't on chairs; and a ropey-looking Hallowe'en marrow and pumpkin.

November : The fourth Infomaniac Book Challenge started off the month, followed by a desperate recap of televisual viewing not aided by Evil Edna; that little git Beaky made a showing; a stroll along the seafront; and we answered four questions.

December : After a book update, we unleashed a barrage of photos from a beach walk to Sheringham and back; a Vulcan Winter Solstice greetings card was revealed; and the fifth and final Infomaniac Book Challenge revealed more about The Very Mistress than she would probably like us to know!


 Yes, this is unfinished, but I've done my bit. If the Host and the SubCs are too bloody lazy to do their bits, then bugger them!