Friday, March 23, 2018

12,000 Years of The House of Infomaniac

Continued from Still Twitching
Which followed on from It's That Time of Year...
Which was itself continued, sort of, from In Space, No One Can Hear You Peep

 After everyone had recovered from The Very Mistress's dramatic debut - and downed copious amounts of alcohol - they staggered from the veranda to the courtyard.
 "Well?" The Very Mistress asked, gazing upon the spacious and quite empty area. "Where is it?"
 "Ummm... Someone" L said giving Mago the side-eye, "switched on the cloaking device, and now we can't find the button to turn it off, so you'll have to make do with these design sketches instead."
 The Very Mistress snatched the papers from LẌ.
 "What is this?  What is it?" she asked.
 "You've got it upside down" IDV pointed out.
 "Flaming uterus class?" Her face reddening in rage, The Very Mistress 'asked' again: "Flaming Uterus class?!?"  Thunder clouds began to gather overhead.

Her Very Mistress's Starship Infomaniac (Flaming Uterus-class)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Still Twitching

Continued from It's That Time of Year...
(which was itself continued, sort of, from In Space, No One Can Hear You Peep)

 "You're dithering again."
  "I am not!"
 "Procrastinating, then."
  "How dare you!"
 "Then how do you explain the crappy constellation post from a couple of days ago?"
  "Well...  Um...  You see..."
  "Oh, shut up.  You're just as bad as m-  Look out!!!"
 Broom violently lurched to starboard almost unseating the bickering witch sitting astride it.  Passing to port in their previous flight path sailed a heavily laden flying carpet piloted by a small human of the female persuasion and an even smaller and very excitable dog.  The woman, oblivious to the narrowly averted collision was struggling with a scarf that seemed intent on smothering her and, in the process of disentangling herself from the scarf, elbowed a precariously perched box off the carpet.
 As they gathered their scattered wits, the witch watched as the small black box disgorged dozens of square, black envelopes, most of which fluttered slowly towards the ground.  A few, however, fell with rather more gusto.  Clearly they contained something with a bit of weight to them.  Then realisation struck: They were-
 "My After Eights!" the magic carpet woman shrieked as she came to a halt.  Her distinctive voice brought the witch to his senses.  As did her yapping, bouncy dog.
 "Ms Scarlet?!?" he asked, unable to contain his incredulity as he manoeuvred his broom towards her now hovering carpet.
Ew! This sounds, horrifyingly, like a lewd euphemism.
Urgh.  It does, doesn't it?!  Well, we're not going to change it now.
 "Mr Devine!"
 "What are you doing up here?  I was just about to collect you."
 "Well, I wondered where you were - you're very late, you know - and thought I'd better make my own way there."
 "Oh.  Yes.  Sorry about that.  I got a bit caught up with constellations and rampaging jelly babies et cetera et cetera.  You know how it is?"
 "I suppose so" Ms Scarlet grudgingly agreed, trying not to think of gold leaf, smelly green shorts, and attic-bound nieces.
 "I didn't know you had a magic carpet?" IDV asked trying to get a good look at it beneath all Ms Scarlet's paraphernalia.  "Where did you get it from?"
 "Ah.  Um.  It's, uh...  I got it from..." Ms Scarlet blushed with shame as she tried to avoid answering.  "Oh!" she shrieked as Broom dropped a few feet giving IDV an unimpeded, but highly improper view of the underside of her 'carpet'.
 "It's a...  It's a..." IDV stuttered in disbelief.
 "Boots the chemist" Ms Scarlet muttered.  "Yes, it's an octopus sucker bath mat!"

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Constellations from a Nightshade Tarot

  That made you look didn't it?!  Fancy getting taken in by a poncey title like that!
Well, sorry to disappoint you, but there are no Nightshade, and no Tarot - this is just more of the same night sky constellation crap that you've seen before.  Although, I've included some constellations that haven't featured in previous posts - mainly because they hadn't managed to struggle above the horizon during my previous early morning/late evening sojourns.  Oh, and I've amended some of them to look more like what they're supposed to depict, namely: Gemini (the twins), Auriga (the charioteer), Draco (the dragon), and Leo (who now looks more like a lion than a mouse).

  This first set are from 12th February:

Orion takes centre stage in this low view over the horizon to the South East

Angling upwards from Orion brings Auriga and Perseus into view

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Jelly Babies from the Black Lagoon!

 In response to Savannah's wielding of the PEEPS Contest reins, may I present:

Jelly Babies from the Black Lagoon!

 Meet Baby Blackheart, Baby Terror-Tummy, Cry Baby, Scar Baby, Baby Bear Attack Victim and their cohorts as they emerge from their watery lair and embark on a hunt for prey:

Friday, March 09, 2018

It's that Time of Year...*

Continued (sort of) from In Space, No-one Can Hear You Peep

 Ms Scarlet sighed for what felt like the fiftieth time, peeled back the cuff of her mitten and looked at her watch.  Again.  He was now even more late.
 "Hmmmm..." she said, then having given the sky another once over, Ms Scarlet turned on her Wellington booted heel and went back indoors.  Sidney followed her with an expectant look on his face.  The look soon faded when his mistress disappeared into the bathroom rather than the kitchen - there weren't any treats in there.
 After an almost dainty grunt followed by what sounded like dozens of spoonfuls of trifle being scooped out of a bowl in quick succession, Ms Scarlet came out brandishing the octopus sucker bath mat.  Sid's ears drooped.  Definitely not a treat.
 "Some birthday this is turning out to be.  I shall have to find my own way to Lake Como now, Sidney" she said, laying the bath mat down on the carpet.  "I hope this thing works."

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Photos From a Lost Weekend

  This past weekend might as well not have happened.  I'll spare you the details as I don't want to remember it.
  However, I did manage to escape for an hour on Sunday with the excuse that I had to give Car a run as the snow had mostly melted and the roads were clear (poor Car had been sitting under a blanket of snow for half the week).  We drove along the coast to Happisburgh (pronounced Haysbruh) and spent five minutes at the lighthouse before deciding it was too windy and overcast to walk on the beach and driving home again.

Happisburgh Lighthouse - once repainted by Anneka Rice and her "Challenge Anneka" team.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Watch Out! Beaky's About!

  One good thing about all this snow: Beaky's to-ing and fro-ing is very evident, so one can easily evade him!

  The following photos are from Wednesday lunchtime, after our first proper snowfall of the season.  I didn't go far - only to the promenade and back - because it was a tad on the cold side.

Snowfall over the sea

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


  Two inches of snow might as well be two feet.  As far as Château DeVice is concerned, this is enough not to risk going to work.  The fact that the main roads may be relatively clear is neither here nor there - I'm not walking up the road to check them just in case they are clear.  Although, Château DeVice has been invaded by sisters, nieces and nephew, so I've escaped upstairs to construct this post, and I'm actively considering going to work to get away from it all once this has been posted!
  Anyway, here are the snowbirds: 

Here's Beaky lurking amongst the plant pots

Sunday, February 25, 2018


 I've been thinking about reading recently.  This thinking was spurred on by the Host's recent post concerning half-remembered books that may or may not exist.  And what I'm thinking is: I should really be reading rather than thinking about reading.  Especially as I haven't actually read a book since November's The Very Mistress MJ Diari-
  Doesn't count!  It's mostly pictures.
 Well, what about back in October when I read Delilah Smythe's Pulverised Pumpkins?
  No.  Deciphering second-hand recipes from the "words" that vindictive cow has strung together using profanities is not reading!
 When did we read Anne McCaffrey's The Rowan, then?
  "We" didn't read it - I did!  You got irritated and restless with the Rowan's caterwauling when she got swept up in that mudslide only a few pages in, and disappeared to torment Beaky, as I recall.  And I read that this year.  Back in January.
 Ah!  Universe!
  No.  Mostly me again.  And that doesn't count either as we only looked at the Night Sky chapter for the constellations.
 Fine.  So I haven't read a book in an age.  But other than The Rowan, you haven't either!
  Well, no.  Ah...  It's just that...  Well, since November, Evil Edna has been full of great shows that need watching...


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Wake Up! Morning Has Broken

  This morning's sunrise as seen from the top of the promenade in Overstrand:


Saturday, February 17, 2018


I've always liked the look of Scots Pines
These few (centre) just East of Sidestrand Church
always garner a second glance
  I went out for a walk on Thursday morning, intending only to go as far as the top of Tower Lane in Sidestrand and look out along the cliffs.  However, there looked to be rather less cliff top than when I was last up here, so I continued walking to see how much had slipped down onto the beach.  Before I knew it, I was in Trimingham.
  Needless to say, I took a load of photographs (many of them quite appalling due to the bright sunshine - Camera doesn't seem to do so well in direct sunlight), some of which almost match up to those I took back in July for the August Clifftop Calamities posts.  For your convenience, below, I have posted Thursday's photos with their corresponding July shots beneath them so you can contrast and compare.  Even if I hadn't pointed out which is which, you can easily tell because the July shots are the ones full of cloud, as is typical of a Great British Summer.

At the top of Tower Lane looking back towards Overstrand
Despite being the middle of Winter, it doesn't look bad
Almost the same shot from mid-Summer